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05 Apr 2020
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Rhymes with Gasoline

MMDE: Vasoline

Current: Vaseline

It's been around since 1852, but how exactly is the famous skin healing petroleum jelly spelt? If you thought Vasoline is correct, with an 'o' and not an 'e' as in Vaseline, it might not be a mere false memory - you might be experiencing a Mandela Effect.

It's original name was "Wonder Jelly" and was made as a by-product of the oil from sperm whales. The usual caution to such a long-established brand applies. These companies know full well the value of a name and would never tinker with it without a very good reason - they have invested considerable time and money into them, so the last thing they want is their customers having alternative memories of their brands.

Being very used to saying it in a way which rhymes with Gasoline might have affected the idea it is spelt the same way too, yet this seems odd as it's the kind of thing which stares people in the face each morning as they open their bathroom cabinet.

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The Stranglers

Don't you like the cut of my clothes?

MMDE: Something Gotta Change

Current: Something Better Change

Here's a Mandela Effect which seems to be openly mocking the people experiencing it. UK punk group The Stranglers had a minor hit in 1977 with a single from their 'No More Heroes' album which some remember as 'Something Gotta Change', whereas in fact the title as seen everywhere today is 'Something Better Change'.

Considering the nature of Mandela Effects, to have one so directly referencing itself seems very suspicious.

Perhaps the confusion comes about from Josh Wilson's 2008 'Something's Gotta Change', but anyone listening to the two songs could hardly confuse them otherwise.

This is reinforced in the lyrics of the song: "Somethings happening and it's happening right now. Ain't got time to wait." That could be the defining phrase for every Mandela Effect!

Historical Events  Books
Hunchback of Notre Dame

She does in the book, but not in the movies

MMDE: Esmeralda is rescued and lives in the movies

Current: In the original book she dies

Victor Hugo's classic "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was written in 1831, during the second French revolution. It tells the famous tale of the unfortunate hunchback, Quasimodo, who was deformed and made deaf from his bell-ringing in the rafters of the Parisian cathedral, and his love for the gypsy girl Esmeralda.

In the book, she is actually rescued by him at one point and taken into the cathedral, where he cries "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!". However, things don't work out and she does die at the end.

There have been many movies and remakes, including the 1927, 1939 and Disney versions, but in each of these she lives at the end. Is this just the Hollywood effect or something else at work here? 

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Mamas and Papas

I got down on my knees and ... 

MMDE: I began to pray

Current: I pretend to pray

Many people remember the classic Mama's & Papa's hit from the 1960's California Dreamin' as having the line 'Well I got down on my knees and I began to pray'. This isn't how it is today, however - it's 'I pretend to pray'.

Often called "The sound of the 60's", the song wasn't originally recorded by The Mamas & the Papas, but was certainly made famous by them. Representing free spirits, love and the hippy beat culture, it's actually an unlikely one to have become so prominent considering it's lyrics are really only about someone cold thinking of being warm again.

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Tricky Dicky's legacy

MMDE: Drug Enforcement Agency

Current: Drug Enforcement Administration

Formed in 1973, the DEA has been the US government's most effective weapon in the war against drugs for decades. Many people, when asked what it stands for, will say the Drug Enforcement Agency. The problem? It's never been called this - apparently it's always been the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Those experiencing this as a false memory are usually surprised to search the web and find most references show "Administration", but they can be forgiven when even some dictionary sites show both. One explanation could be the use of the word "Agency" for other government bodies, such as the CIA and the FAA, where it's always been "Agency". Officers of the DEA are also referred to as "Agents", as well.

Historical Events  Movies
Hanging Munchkin

Was it a bird, was it a Munchkin?

MMDE: A Munchkin actor hung himself on screen

Current: A Munchkin actor did not hang himself on screen

Another Wizard of Oz false memory?

Many people remember seeing something strange in the background hanging from a tree at the end of the Tin Man sequence. It looked like a Munchkin, and the story was this little fellow was one of the dwarf actors brought in who committed suicide after being rejected by another female dwarf who was also acting as a Munchkin.

The story gained prominence in an Irving Welsh play (yes, of "Trainspotting" fame) "Babylon Heights", which followed the livs of the real-life dwarfs recruited as Munchkin actors for the movie.

However the studio claims they brought in several large birds from a local zoo and allowed to wander around the fake forest, in order to give it a more realistic feel. Specifically, they claim it is a crane. Urban myth or alternative memory? You decide...

Historical Events  Movies

The most famous movie line ever?

Ask anyone unfamiliar with this MMDE to quote a line from Casablanca and odds on they'll instantly reply with 'Play it again, Sam'. You guessed it - that's not in the movie, and never has been.

Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca (1942) consistently ranks near the top of the list of the greatest films ever made.

Similar to the Beam me up, Scotty and Me Tarzan, you Jane etc memes, this particular misconception seems to arise when a short, memorable quote to sum up a powerful image of the story as a whole was provided, and it's inclusion in the production isn't actually necessary. It's a kind of single-phrase summary which becomes so associated with the story it ends up getting a life of its own.