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Historical Events  TV
Historical Events  TV
Rip Torn

But ... it's an internet Meme!

MMDE: "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" said many times on "I love Lucy"

Current:  "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" not said on "I love Lucy"

Sometimes even an internet meme can cross over to become connected with the Mandela Effect.

We've all seen the black and white internet meme image of Lucy from the 50's, captioned "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!", along with some witty caption regarding what's gone wrong, but many are reporting they really do remember her saying this on the show. In fact this isn't the case, and the fact many actually do remember it happening is causing it to be classed as a Mandela Effect.

Historical Events  TV
Gilligan's Island black hat

What color was the Skipper's hat?

MMDE: Black

Current: Navy blue

Many people look at the photos and clips of the Skipper from Gilligans Island wearing a black hat, as seen today, and are sure there's something very off about it. They just don't remember it being black.

Most remember it being navy blue, but some also remember white, some grey etc. It's complicated by the fact when the show first came out in 1964, most saw it on black and white TV's so wouldn't have been able to easily tell the difference. As color took off later, these earlier impressions may have been the ones that came up years later, so the memory of the color didn't change.

There's another very closely related alternate memory around Gilligan's hat too - many remember it as being white, but all references today show it to have been tan all along.

Historical Events  TV
Gilligan's Island white hat

What color was Gilligans hat?

MMDE: White

Current: Tan

Gilligans hat was tan, not white.

This is what the recordings of the episodes of Gilligans Island show today - and it's freaking many people out. That's because they swear they remember it being white, and when a false memory affects many people this way, it's classed as an MMDE, or Mandela Effect.

Even weirder: this isn't the only hat related alternate memory - there's one about the Skipper's hat being black, too.

When the series what first transmitted in 1964, most people would have seen it in black and white, which could have formed the dominant memory to be drawn out years later.

Historical Events  TV
Wile E Coyote

Beep beep

MMDE: Wiley E Coyote

Current: Wile E Coyote

Do you remember Beep Beep the roadrunner forever being chased by his enemy, Wiley E Coyote? If so, you may be experiencing a Mandela Effect, because all references today show his name was "Wile E Coyote".

He never did catch the roadrunner, although there is a rumored spoof final episode where he actually did, then became unemployed.

It's easy to see how the spelling could be confused, especially when the show was aimed specifically at younger viewers. There's even confusion over whether there was a dot after the E or not - is this a Mandela Effect within a Mandela Effect?

Historical Events  TV
George and Gracie

George said "Say goodnight, Gracie" and Gracie replied?

MMDE: Goodnight, Gracie

Current: Goodnight

Many people (of a certain age) remember the way George Burns always ended his Burns and Allen show from the 1950's onwards. His partner, Gracie Allen, was portrayed as being a friendly nice-but-scatterbrained character, so when he ended by turning to her and saying "Say goodnight, Gracie", she supposedly replied "Goodnight Gracie".

This meme has been repeated many times over the decades since the show.

The problem is those who remember it as so are experiencing an MMDE, because she didn't say this - she replied with just "Goodnight".

The origin of the phrase doesn't seem to have dissuaded those who swear she said it.

Historical Events  TV
Mighty Mouse

What was on his chest?

MMDE: "M" on chest

Current: Plain costume

He first burst on the scene in 1942 as the dynamic fusion between Superman and Mickey Mouse, fuelled by the hype for both at the time. In fact he was originally named Super Mouse, but that was a little too close to the Superman brand for comfort.

Many remember his bright caped costume, but what was written on his chest?

If you thought it was a large red "M" you may be experiencing an MMDE, because all references today show it was blank.

In a strange quirk of fate, in 2005 he was again embroiled in a trademark dispute, but this time with the Apple corp when they launched the "Apple Mighty Mouse". He won that epic battle, and they had to change it to the "Apple Mouse".

Historical Events  TV
Mad Dog Murdock

Murdock's nickname?

MMDE: Mad Dog Murdock

Current: Howling Mad Murdock

Remember Mad Dog Murdock from the A-Team? If you do, you're apparently experiencing a Mandela Effect, because that wasn't his nickname. It was Howling Mad Murdock, with no reference to dogs or any other wild animals in sight.

He was never referenced once as Mad Dog, not even "MD" Murdock.

Keen Mandela Effect observers know this isn't the only one related to The A-Team. There's a well-known one relating to the color of their van.

The question regarding Murdocks nickname recently came up on Reddit, with a fairly even split amongst both nicknames being remembered.