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Historical Events  TV
Historical Events  TV

No-one knew it?

MMDE: Columbo's first name was Frank

Current: Columbo's first name was never mentioned

Just one more thing.

Spanning 4 decades, everyone's favorite dishevelled detective is instantly recognisable the world over. So how come now there's no trace of what his first name was? Many people know it is Frank, but there's no episode to be found today where it's ever mentioned. Columbo is reported to have only answered "Lieutenant" as his first name when he was asked what it was.

Some fan sites point to clues - a badge briefly shown on screen with his name on it, a parking permit you need to freeze-frame to read etc. That's not the way many remember it though, and are sure he was called by his first name in several episodes.

What is certain is that his wife never appeared on screen, although she was mentioned in practically every episode. Did she call him "Lieutenant" at home, too?

Historical Events  TV
Picard's Crystal

His executive toy

MMDE: Picard had no crystal

Current: Picard had a crystal seen in over 70 episodes

Do you remember Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the Starship Enterprise from The Next Generation, having a large crystal on his desk which he often played with as if it was acting as a set of worry beads? This was apparently in over 70 episodes, yet most people, including hardcore Star Trek fans, claim to have never noticed it.

Sometimes a false memory can work in reverse, as in this case. Once the crystal is noticed, it becomes pretty obvious every time it crops up again, but some people swear it really never was there and it's somehow been inserted after they saw the shows.

The odd thing about this one is the very idea that Picard - famous for his "Make it so!" command - would need any kind of emotional prop at all. Yet, it's right there in all the clips and photos. At the moment...

Historical Events  TV
Marshall BraveStarr

Greetings from New Texas

MMDE: Power of the Bear

Current: Strength of the Bear

Who can't forget BraveStarr, the Space Western animated series which ran from September 1987 to February 1988? He was forever battling the evil Tex Hex, and his many adventures included the apecats, his trusty sidekick Thirty/Thirty and his ability to call on spirit animals whenever he needed an extra boost.

He could invoke:

  • Eyes of the Hawk
  • Ears of the Wolf
  • Speed of the Puma

But what of the Bear? Currently all references are to the Strength of the Bear, but many swear they remember it as the Power of the Bear.

Historical Events  TV

Based on a real Collie

MMDE: Lassie saved Timmy when he fell down the well by barking

Current: The well incident never happened

Few people realise Lassie first made her appearance in 1859 in Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Half Brothers'. She became much more popular, though, from her movies and TV shows in the 1950's. Also, there was collie actually called Lassie who saved the life of a sailor in England in 1915.

However, the thing everyone seems to remember about her is the story of Timmy who fell down the well, when Lassie ran off for help and eventually brought it by barking frantically at her owner.

The problem is this isn't in any book, film or TV show. It's also been parodied many times - a quick internet search throws up many instances of this. So why do so many people have this false memory of it? 

Historical Events  TV
Doctor Who

A Time Lord's conundrum

MMDE: Dr Who

Current: Doctor Who

Ask most people today to write down the name of the famous Time Lord with a blue 60's phone box as his space ship and they'll probably write down "Dr Who", but that's not the way it's been written for at least 40 years - it's "Doctor Who".

The confusion over the name probably comes from the fact that the abbreviation and the full word are pronounced the same, plus the fact the BBC did occasionally refer to the written title as "Dr Who". However, this hasn't been the case since the third Doctor, where the "Dr Who" version was actually used in the credits.

All written references today still show the full word "Doctor" in the titles and logo. After all, this is now a valuable brand for the BBC and must be managed properly. In fact the show holds the world record for the number of episodes made in a sci-fi programme - over 800 and counting. 

Historical Events  TV
Have I Got New For You

Contestants - this is the "Mandela Effect" round

The BBC's long running satirical news show Have I Got News For You featured several Mandela Effects in episode 2 of Series 53, aired on 2 May 2017.

Sparked off by the news the manufacturers of Blue Riband, Nestlé, were relocating, and many people remember it as Blue Ribbon, the contestants were then asked to write down their memory of another well-known Mandela Effect - the KitKat hyphen.

To finish off, the presenter sang the refrain to the song "Free Nelson Mandela".

The mocking tone of the show certainly caught the eye of the Mandela Effect social media community, many of who already had strong opinions on the BBC to begin with...

Historical Events  TV
Lee Harvey Oswald

There were two films of him being shot?

The day after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, his alleged murderer, was shot by Jack Ruby in front of the world's press. This is well documented, and everyone knows so because they've seen the film of it. But some are saying the film itself has changed from the one they remember, and the one seen today is definitely not the one shown at the time. This raises the question of whether two films were made, or the original has somehow been changed. Is this another MMDE at work?

The problem is the angles are all different from the video some people remember, not the actual action. It's particularly strange because the same is being said of the Kennedy assassination itself. No-one is arguing what is on the films has changed, just the angles they were filmed from. Unless there actually were two separate cameramen, and the "other" film has somehow resurfaced?