Historical Events  TV
Historical Events  TV
Judge Judy's gavel

Case dismissed?

MMDE: Judge Judy used a gavel

Current: Judge Judy never used a gavel

Running since 1996, Judge Judy has broadcasted a phenomenal 10,000+ episodes and is famous the world over.

With such a huge audience, you'd have thought every detail of the show would be so familiar there would be no room for such a discrepancy as this - but it seems some remember her regularly using a gavel, the way a regular judge does.

Today there is no video of her doing this, although for some publicity shots such as the one featured here, she's seen holding one. There's no doubt she often slams her hand down on her desk for effect or to get order, but there's no footage of her doing it with a gavel. Those affected by this Mandela Effect are certain it was her trademark, and claim she used it excessively.

Historical Events  TV
Paul Merton

Others remember but he doesn't?

A clip has emerged of a possible Mandela Effect involving the popular British comedian Paul Merton.

Paul is probably best known as a long running panellist on the TV show "Have I Got News For You", in which news is satirised along with different guests each week. Interestingly, the show has also featured in another Mandela Effect story where a few of the popular ones were covered.

It turns out one of the guests in the past was the evil paedophile Jimmy Saville, and Merton was on the panel as usual. The interesting thing is what he says in that clip when he is looking back at Saville's appearance on the show. He describes a supposed outtake where he, Merton, "tore into" Saville and exposed him - but he says this never happened. He says this has even got to the point where "there are people on the internet who claimed to have seen it.". Is he describing a false memory, or could it be an actual Mandela Effect from 1999 without him realizing it?

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Shaggy's adams apple


MMDE: Shaggy has a huge Adams apple

Current: Shaggys Adams apple is small or missing

If it wasn't for those meddling kids...

Here's a mandela Effect which will bring a smile to many people who grew up on Scooby Doo and his spooky adventures, and maybe a puzzled frown too. Didn't Shaggy always have a huge Adams apple in his throat, which was particularly prone to bouncing up and down each time he gulped - either in fear or because he was hungry?

Many people swear this was the case, but when you look at the originals today there is little evidence of it.

Perhaps the Mystery Machine ghosted it away?

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No-one knew it?

MMDE: Columbo's first name was Frank

Current: Columbo's first name was never mentioned

Just one more thing.

Spanning 4 decades, everyone's favorite dishevelled detective is instantly recognisable the world over. So how come now there's no trace of what his first name was? Many people know it is Frank, but there's no episode to be found today where it's ever mentioned. Columbo is reported to have only answered "Lieutenant" as his first name when he was asked what it was.

Some fan sites point to clues - a badge briefly shown on screen with his name on it, a parking permit you need to freeze-frame to read etc. That's not the way many remember it though, and are sure he was called by his first name in several episodes.

What is certain is that his wife never appeared on screen, although she was mentioned in practically every episode. Did she call him "Lieutenant" at home, too?

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Picard's Crystal

His executive toy

MMDE: Picard had no crystal

Current: Picard had a crystal seen in over 70 episodes

Do you remember Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the Starship Enterprise from The Next Generation, having a large crystal on his desk which he often played with as if it was acting as a set of worry beads? This was apparently in over 70 episodes, yet most people, including hardcore Star Trek fans, claim to have never noticed it.

Sometimes a false memory can work in reverse, as in this case. Once the crystal is noticed, it becomes pretty obvious every time it crops up again, but some people swear it really never was there and it's somehow been inserted after they saw the shows.

The odd thing about this one is the very idea that Picard - famous for his "Make it so!" command - would need any kind of emotional prop at all. Yet, it's right there in all the clips and photos. At the moment...

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Marshall BraveStarr

Greetings from New Texas

MMDE: Power of the Bear

Current: Strength of the Bear

Who can't forget BraveStarr, the Space Western animated series which ran from September 1987 to February 1988? He was forever battling the evil Tex Hex, and his many adventures included the apecats, his trusty sidekick Thirty/Thirty and his ability to call on spirit animals whenever he needed an extra boost.

He could invoke:

  • Eyes of the Hawk
  • Ears of the Wolf
  • Speed of the Puma

But what of the Bear? Currently all references are to the Strength of the Bear, but many swear they remember it as the Power of the Bear.

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Based on a real Collie

MMDE: Lassie saved Timmy when he fell down the well by barking

Current: The well incident never happened

Few people realise Lassie first made her appearance in 1859 in Elizabeth Gaskell's 'The Half Brothers'. She became much more popular, though, from her movies and TV shows in the 1950's. Also, there was collie actually called Lassie who saved the life of a sailor in England in 1915.

However, the thing everyone seems to remember about her is the story of Timmy who fell down the well, when Lassie ran off for help and eventually brought it by barking frantically at her owner.

The problem is this isn't in any book, film or TV show. It's also been parodied many times - a quick internet search throws up many instances of this. So why do so many people have this false memory of it?