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Historical Events  People
Andrew Zimmerman

Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods?

MMDE: Zimmerman

Current: Zimmern

There are many references today on the internet to Android Zimmerman being the host of Bizarre Foods, yet the reality is he was called Android Zimmern.

Sometimes the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect can be the result of people not paying enough attention when something else comes up which has some common element, and the two become conflated in peoples minds. It's almost as if they partly remember most, but not all, of the details and when "filling in the blanks" the missing part turns out to be wrong, because its from a different event. When Bizarre Foods was popular, George Zimmerman was in the news too.

Could the confusion just be a result of a mispronunciation of Andrews unusual surname whilst George was all over the news too? 

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Lindbergh Baby

The Lindbergh Baby was never found?

MMDE: The Lindbergh Baby was never found

Current: The Lindbergh Baby was found

The terrible "crime of the century" happened in 1932 in New Jersey when the eldest son of the aviator Charles Lindbergh was abducted from his family home.

When you read today's reports of this, you see the baby was found dead 2 months later and Richard Hauptmann was executed for the crime, yet those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim the baby was never found.

It's always possible these people somehow missed the news at the time, but when they see all the reports of his discovery they find the mismatch between that and their memory pretty disconcerting.

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Muhammad Ali's death

The Ali Effect?

MMDE: Muhammad Ali died in 1991

Current: Muhammad Ali died in 2016

2016 was a horrible year for losing famous celebrities, including Muhammad Ali. It was even more disturbing for those who were sure he'd already died years earlier, because they were experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

This is similar to the Mandela, Fidel Castro etc situations with one difference - it seems the year 1991 plays some role in this, as in most of those who thought he was already dead were born after this year.

He had quite a high profile after this time too - he appeared at the 2012 Olympic Ceremony, etc.

His health problems with Parkinson's was also widely publicised, mainly because it was attributed to his stellar boxing career. Yet he still managed the odd public appearance right up to the end, just like Nelson Mandela did. How did those shocked by his death manage to miss every single one of them? 

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Mr Rogers

One word makes all the annoying difference

MMDE: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Current: It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood

This one is similar to the Forrest Gump "Life is/was like a box of chocolates" in the same way it's not on the same scale as famous people dying twice and so on, but for those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect it's just as significant.

The famous children's TV show Mr Rogers Neighborhood had an equally famous song - but was it "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood" or "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood"? References today all show he says "this", but many people remember it as "the" neighbourhood. Since it was a children's show, those experiencing it will all be adults now, recalling what is by definition a childhood memory from literally decades ago.

It's also been pointed out the change makes the entire line's meaning - by saying "this" he's talking about his own neighborhood, whereas "the" is more of a feel-good vibe because he's saying it about all neighbourhoods, which is more in line with what the whole show was about.

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Tiananmen Tank Boy

What did the tank do?

MMDE: The tanks ran him over

Current: The tank did not run him over

The famous Tank Boy, also known as the Unknown Protester or Unknown Rebel, is the name given to the guy who stood up to the row of tanks advancing down Tiananmen Square in June 1989 just after the Tiananmen Square protests had been suppressed by the Chinese Government. This incident was shown globally at the time on TV, and images of his stance are firmly etched in everyone's memory who saw this at the time.

What is is doubt is what happened afterwards - those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim he was run over by one of them, yet others claim it danced from side to side before as he also moved in front of it before giving up and just stopping there.

Videos of either event are not to be found today - this is China, after all - yet those who remember him dying claim it was one of the most disturbing things they ever saw. How could such a memory be false?

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Billy Graham

Billy Graham "died" twice before 2018?

MMDE: Billy Graham's funeral was shown on TV many years before 2018

Current: Billy Graham's funeral was not shown on TV many years before 2018

There are many MMDE's relating to people who are supposed to have died years ago. The famous TV evangelical preacher, Billy Graham, is very well known to Americans and further afield across the world. Some people remember him dying way before 2016 before they heade he actually died in 2016. Then, they became seriously confused in 2018 when they heard he died again.

There are those who swear they watched his pre-2016 funeral on TV, and can remember every detail such as what channel it was on, which ex-Presidents attended and so on. This MMDE is very prevalent - in some ways more than the Mandela Effect. It is even detailed that he died a few weeks after Ted Kennedy. Many people swear they remember his funeral, yet know full well Nelson Mandela didn't die in the 1980's in prison.

Billy Graham was still giving sermons into his 90's, so he'd certainly have had something to say about those who say he was dead when he was giving them.

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Fidel Castro

He's dead again?

MMDE: Fidel Castro died way before 2016

Current: Fidel Castro died in 2016

The dictator Fidel Castro died in November 2016. Many people claim to remember him dying long before that - are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect? If so, it's rather ironic that the popular name for this is the Mandela Effect:  but for a quirk of historical timing, we could all be talking about the Castro Effect.

In any case, there are a few reports of his death coming as a surprise to people who thought he was already dead.

Being such a controversial figure, it's no surprise his every action be shrouded in mystery. He was the subject of multiple assassination attempts. At one point it's known he was very ill and a body double was used. The media may also have lied about his death in the past. Nevertheless, November 2016 seems to be the final one ... until the next time.