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Historical Events  People
Eisenhower Dime

Call me "Ike"

MMDE:Eisenhower was on the 10 cent dime

Current::Eisenhower was not on the 10 cent dime

Searches today for "Eisenhower Dime" return many results, from people asking how much a 1960's one is worth to when he first appeared. All this is a huge signal that the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect is at work, because he never appeared on one.

Eisenhower was on the dollar for a while in the 1970's, which could be contributing to this as people do remember seeing him on some coin, but not exactly remembering which one.

In 1946 when the Dime was redesigned, Eisenhower was still Chief of Staff of the army (1945-1948), so if he ever was it would have to have been after then because a Chief of Staff would not make it - but a president would.

Guess we have to wait for one to turn up to disprove this one - if it ever did, what would it be worth?

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Bin Laden

Deliberate murky details or something more?

MMDE:Osama Bin Laden died in hospital from kidney failure

Current: Osama Bin Laden was shot by an US Navy Seal in 2011

Bin Laden is blamed for the 9/11 Word Trade Centre attacks, which itself is surrounded by controversy. The story today of how he died was that he was shot by an elite US Navy Seal squad in 2011. Some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect remember his death differently, apparently in hospital from kidney failure.

There are even reports of people claiming to have read on Wikipedia he was on a dialysis machine and there being an official state department source report of his death on the sire in 2001. Needless to say, there's none of that there now - but that's the whole point of the Mandela Effect.

There was so much deliberate disinformation surrounding Bin Laden, such as the body doubles in the videos of his terror announcements before his death, that this could all have just become part of the myth which people are now seeing as a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect. 

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Eli Whitney

He invented the cotton gin

Eli Whitney was born in 1765 and lived through the worst ravages of the US slave years, He is known for inventing the cotton gin, which transformed the economy of the day. He's also credited with many other inventions which contributed to the industrial revolution.

Many people have an alternate memory of Eli Whitney being black. Searches today show this wasn't the case, and he was even featured on a US postage stamp in 1940. So why are so many people sure they were taught in school he was black?

This could be connected to the slave trade. Cotton gin actually invigorated the slave trade by making it profitable, not by making the slaves lives easier when they drank it, which common sense says wouldn't have gone down too well with the plantation owners at the time. However, if people just had a vague memory of cotton gin and slaves, without getting the actual details right, it's possible to see a "hero" figure inventing this way of making the slaves lives better, and so in this narrative he'd naturally be one himself.

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Lincoln Memorial clenched fist

Was Abe's fist always clenched?

MMDE: Both hands resting over edge of chair arms

Current: Left hand is a clenched fist

The iconic Lincoln Memorial is instantly recognised the world over. Was Abe resting his left hand over the arm of his chair, or clenching his fist?

Some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it was just like his right hand, resting over the end, and say a clenched fist this way doesn't fit with the feel for how a statue of Lincoln would have been designed.

This isn't the first time a statue has "changed" - see also Moses Horns and The Thinker.

Some references exist, such as drawings etc, which show both hands in the same pose. Then again, nothing in these things was done by accident, and he did abolish slavery...

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Franklin D Roosevelt

What did the "D" stand for?

MMDE: Delanor

Current: Delano

Franklin D Roosevelt - did the "D" stand for Delanor or Delano? 

Today, all references say Delano, but many apparently experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it's been changed from the "Delanor" they remember.

His wife's name was Eleanor - could this just be a simple case of her similar sounding name being conflated with his middle name over time?

Or it could be simpler than that. When you say either of them out loud, they sound almost the same, so anyone unfamiliar could easily misspell it when writing it down, which then gets carried on to others as being correct.

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A short man with dark hair and brown or blue eyes?

MMDE: Hitler had brown eyes

Current: Hitler had blue eyes

Hitler regarded the traits of tall height, blond hair and blue eyes to signify a superior class of people - his "master race". Many people pointed out his own shortcomings in all these areas, including his eye color. However, if you research this today you find the official references all say he had blue eyes. Is this a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect in action?

It's been said the first casualty of war is the truth. Hitler's enemies would do anything to attack him, and propaganda about his person was rife. By saying he had brown eyes, even if they were blue - after all, there wasn't much color TV around in those days to check - would weaken him in the peoples minds by making him seem more of a hypocrite. There's even evidence his mother was half Jewish, which would add weight to this.

Color footage was in its early days during Hitler's time, but so little remains of it with him on that it appears everything we see now has been retouched. And that means his eyes were, too...

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Sally Field

"You like me, you really like me!"

MMDE: You like me, you really like me

Current: You like me right now

Sally Field's famous quote, allegedly made during the acceptance speech for her second Oscar in 1985, has been parodied many times on the internet. It's moved well into the "meme" category now, like "beam me up, Scotty". However, those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are sure they remember her saying it at the Academy Awards. She even went on to parody herself a couple of years later, but the original shows her just saying "you like me right now".

There's an interesting theory that all actors and actresses want to be remembered, no matter what the reason. So, if something they did gets misquoted and ends up getting a life of its own, they will "bandwaggon" it to maximize their exposure from it, even up to the point where they know it was incorrect but just want to milk the publicity from it.

Accidental PR is PR all the same...