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Historical Events  Geography
North Pole

Santa is homeless

MMDE: North Pole shown as ice on maps

Current: North Pole shown as just ocean on maps

Do you know where the North Pole is on a map, or globe of the earth? Sure, until you actually look at one and find it's no longer there. The South Pole is seen as the huge white mass of Antarctic ice, but who doesn't remember the North Pole being seen the same way?

Even Google Earth doesn't show it - all we see is ocean. Ice is shown on Greenland, whilst Iceland is ... clear.

Maps seem to have stopped showing it in December 2012 - a very significant date to those watching the Mayan calendar back then. Is global warming working faster than anyone realised? In any case, Santa must be very confused indeed.

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Panama Canal


MMDE: East - West

Current: North West - South East

As strange as it sounds, some people are claiming they remember the Panama Canal being different when seen on today's maps from how they remember it.

It's apparently no longer running from North to South, the way they remember, and is now North West to South East. Some report Cuba being bigger and further East than they remember too.

The whole area has certainly had it's share of controversy in the past, from the Bay of Pigs through to Guantanamo Bay and Operation Just Cause.

There's a possible explanation when it comes to more accurate map making, plus the usual Mercator projection distortion arguments, but these seem to be different and are more like the New Zealand situation, where taking all that into account still results in an unexplained movement. 

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New Zealand map location

New Zealand moved with no-one noticing?

MMDE: North East of Australia

Current: South East of Australia

As far-fetched as it sounds, some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim New Zealand has moved.

These people remember it being North East of Australia, whereas maps today show it as South East. A few references exist to it being in the "old" location, including the usual authoritative ones such as The Simpsons, yet most show it South East.

People are also saying they remember Australia being much further South - away from Indonesia - than it appears today. Were all the old maps just wrong?

Historical Events  Geography

In line with Orion?

Many people remember the layout of the Pyramids to be in the same pattern as the Orion constellation, with the two larger ones being offset slightly by the smaller one, the same way the stars appear. However, not only does that not seem to be the case any more, but some are claiming the two largest ones have swapped places from the positions they recall. Is this the largest man made object to be affected Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

People also remember the central pyramid to be the largest one, and point to it's name as "The Great Pyramid" as reflecting that. Even more confusingly, some are claiming the Sphinx has moved from how they remember.