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Historical Events  Geography
Historical Events  Geography
Christ the Redeemer

A different perspective?

This one is a very strange false memory - some are saying the famous Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, brazil has shrunk from the size they remember and others are saying it has grown!

Work on the statue began in 1922 and was finished in 1931. It weighs 635 tons and is instantly recognisable everywhere on earth - it's even one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Yet those who swear it's size has changed remember it very differently in the past.

One explanation could be striaghtforwards - there are so many places to take photographs of it which contain people, that some may appear to show them closer, whereas others show them further away. Whilst this could happen anywhere, the statue, if viewed from below looking up, would be unusual in that, from several angles, there is no background to frame it's size against, and so using the people on the ground as the reference could create a kind of optical illusion magicians are very familar with.

Historical Events  Geography
The Great Wall of India

Why have so few heard of this?

The Kumbhalgarh fortress has a wall which is 36 km long, it's the second longest in the world and it contains 360 temples, yet the number of people aware of this "Great Wall of India" is astonishingly small.

Some people claim that, as in similar cases when such a prominent historical feature seems to be unknown, there is more going on than just a case of bad history being taught, and could even be a form of the Mandela Effect.

Built for defensive purposes only, the fort has never been conquered. It has seven fortified gates and is fifteen feet thick for most of it's length.

It has a grisly origin. The legend goes a human sacrifice was required, apparently a volunteer - was required according to a spiritual adviser at the time, and the fort and subsequent wall was built on his body.

Historical Events  Geography
52 US States

How many US States?

MMDE: 52 US States

Current: 50 US States

Time for an American history lesson!

Everyone knows there are 50 states - right? Apparently not. Some have a false memory of there being 51 or even 52 states in the past, and that's somehow been changed to the 50 we see today.

Whilst it's understandable there might be some confusion when looking at the details of this, such as Puerto Rico being one of the "extras", and/or Washington DC too, this seems to be more of a Mandela Effect because those experiencing it don[t seem to be confused by these two.

Of course, that means the American flag must also have been different to fall in line with this alternative memory, and sure enough the claim is the number of stars has been changed too.

Historical Events  Geography
Flag of the Soviet Union

Missing star on original flag?

MMDE: Flag had no star

Current: Flag had a star

Now it's the turn of the original Sovient Union, or the "original Russian" flag - do you remember it having no star?

References today show the bright red flag with it's familiar Hammer and Sickle in the top left corner, which are both below a small star, all colored gold.

Some claim the flag never had the star and seeing it there seems "out of place".

There are mixed messages coming from the images of this on the internet: some definitely don't show it, some do.

Historical Events  Geography
North Pole

Santa is homeless

MMDE: North Pole shown as ice on maps

Current: North Pole shown as just ocean on maps

Do you know where the North Pole is on a map, or globe of the earth? Sure, until you actually look at one and find it's no longer there. The South Pole is seen as the huge white mass of Antarctic ice, but who doesn't remember the North Pole being seen the same way?

Even Google Earth doesn't show it - all we see is ocean. Ice is shown on Greenland, whilst Iceland is ... clear.

Maps seem to have stopped showing it in December 2012 - a very significant date to those watching the Mayan calendar back then. Is global warming working faster than anyone realised? In any case, Santa must be very confused indeed.

Historical Events  Geography

Panama Canal

MMDE: East - West

Current: North West - South East

Some people are claiming they remember Cuba being different on today's maps from how they remember it. Are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

It's apparently much larger than it used to be and further west. The Panama Canal seem to be running in a different direction too.

Cuba has certainly had it's share of contoversy in the past, from the Bay of Pigs through to Guantanamo Bay.

There's a possible explanation when it comes to more accurate map making, plus the usual Mercator projection distortion arguments, but these seem to be different, more like the New Zealand situation, where taking all that into account still results in an unexplained movement. 

Historical Events  Geography
New Zealand map location

New Zealand moved with no-one noticing?

MMDE: North East of Australia

Current: South East of Australia

As far-fetched as it sounds, some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim New Zealand has moved.

These people remember it being North East of Australia, whereas maps today show it as South East. A few references exist to it being in the "old" location, including the usual authoritative ones such as The Simpsons, yet most show it South East.

People are also saying they remember Australia being much further South - away from Indonesia - than it appears today. Were all the old maps just wrong?