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If there ONE thing you don't mess with, this is it

MMDE: Lasagne

Current: Lasagna

Another letter "A" Mandela Effect? There seems to be a pattern with this, for example the sloping "A" in the Terminator 2 title.

It's origins lie back with the ancient Greeks, but the first real recipe for this fantastic traditional Italian recipe was found in an English cookbook of 1390!

Some are claiming the spelling has changed from lasagne to lasagna, and others that it's the other way round. 

Entering either into Google search throws up a split between the two, so this isn't your typical Mandela Effect where one variation greatly outweighs the other.

In any case, you're probably getting hungry already no matter how it's spelt!

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Black Tom

Germans attack US in operation "Black Tom"

Ask people what was the first terrorist attack against the US and you'll hear various answers including 9/11, the 1993 WTC bombing or maybe even Pearl Harbour, but in fact it was a German attack against a munitions supply dump which caused a huge explosion and actually damaged the Statue of Liberty.

Amazingly, only 7 people were killed.

There is no significant memorial of this event - just a small plaque on-site.

It's because of this attack that the torch in the statue is closed off to visitors.

There may be a reason so few people are aware of this. At the time, Woodrow Wilson was running for election and had promised to keep the US out of the war, so news of the attack was suppressed in order for him to not appear to have broken it.

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September 22/23

Is there something odd with September 22/23?

On September 22, 2011 there was a strange announcement from CERN - an experiment had apparently violated Einsteins theory of relativity. It was later stated that equipment failure produced these results, but that hasn't made those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect stop thinking all is normal.

There are reports that events on these two dates "smear" or "swap" between them, so things which were remembered to have happened on one are recorded as happening on the other, and vice versa.

These reports don't apply to just one year, but every year on these dates since the CERN experiment.

In itself there appears to be nothing special regarding September 22/23 - it's only the number of date-shifted reports by just one day which jump out as being unusual. Is it the day some mysterious reality-manipulation change is triggered?